Biggs Story EP.311: ใครทิ้งสปาเก็ตตี้?

“Who threw away the spaghetti?” Authorities in a central New Jersey town are perplexed over the mystery of how 225 kg of pasta were dumped near a stream. Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry said Friday that the pasta, including spaghetti and macaroni, was cleaned up last week by public works crews. That cleanup happened shortly […]

Biggs Story EP.310: ร้านอาหารขายแกงไก่ ฉลองพระเจ้าชาลส์จานละ 85,000 บาท

King Charles Restaurant sells chicken curry for 85,000 baht per plate King Charles Restaurant sells chicken curry for 85,000 baht per plate A restaurant has created the “world’s most expensive curry” to celebrate King Charles’ Coronation, costing £2,023 or about 85,000 baht. The dish at Saffron restaurant, in Northampton, has chicken tikka cubes in a […]

Biggs Story EP.309: ฮีโร่วัย 12 ปี เบรกรถช่วยชีวิตเพื่อนๆ หลังคนขับหัวใจวายคาพวงมาลัย

“12-year-old drives school bus” A seventh-grader in Michigan is being called a hero after he safely stopped his school bus after the driver passed out. At 3 pm last Wednesday, a bus driver called her office to say she was feeling dizzy and needed to pull the bus over. As she slowed the bus down […]

Biggs Story EP.308: โดนปรับเพราะชมนายกหล่อ

Russian woman fined for calling Zelensky ‘handsome’ A Russian woman has been fined about 13,000 baht for saying Ukrainian president Zelensky was handsome. Police charged her with ‘discrediting the Russian military’ for calling him a ‘handsome young man’. Russia is currently in a war with Ukraine. The court hearing, in the Russian capital of Moscow, […]

Biggs Story EP.307: เมืองนี้ ห้ามเซลฟี่!

“Town bans selfies” An American woman has married a man whose last name is the same as her first name. Now she has a ‘double name’ — Bailey Bailey. Bailey said: “It’s spelt exactly the same. My first name is Bailey. My husband’s last name is Bailey. So, when we got married I became Bailey […]