IELTS Exam - English exam for study and work in different areas

IELTS Exam – English exam for study and work in different areas

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an examination of English proficiency that can be divided into 2 types: Academic Modules and General Training Modules. The IELTS exam will assess the ability of applicants who wish to continue their studies or work abroad with the same 4 skills as TOEFL. Exams are Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

In Andrew Biggs, we have classes that focus on helping you pass the IELTS exam and describing the exam format. And examples of the many exams you will find in the examination room Along with collecting observation points, Tips and Tricks that have many benefits such as Techniques for writing various graph descriptions Techniques for writing and describing images Techniques for writing essays that are important and concise. Including reading and guessing the context of the message confidently

All 61 will now help everyone understand and capture every part of the exam easily. Since this course has included the details of the exam for everyone!

ABC online video lessons for IELTS exam

English speaking lessons that we offer for you to prepare for IELTS. There are various content such as increasing speaking skills. Questioning techniques Dealing with difficult topics And examples of speaking tests

English reading lesson With content to help you improve reading skills Reading comprehension, importance and reading grammar Guess the meaning from the context and keywords.

English writing lesson There are instructional guidelines for writing charts, line charts, pie charts and bar charts, writing articles, expressing positive or negative comments, and articles showing causes and solutions. And answer questions

We also have many lessons that focus on English reading skills.