ABA in your School or University

These days all children learn English in school, but classrooms are big and they often don’t get the attention they deserve.

At Andrew Biggs Academy, we spend a lot of time with your children honing their English skills and paying close attention to them!

We have classes for children on weekends. Each class runs for two hours, and because class sizes are small (4 to 10 students), we are able to give your children special attention.

We start each lesson with a topic, in order to get them practicing vocabulary that they may have learned in regular school. We like to ask them questions, because in that way your children have to think in English. We ask opinions, thoughts and feelings. We encourage your children to speak, correcting where necessary, but most importantly we build confidence. We also practice pronunciation, especially those sounds in English that are not found in Thai. For younger students (5-8 years) we teach Phonics as well.

Towards the end of the lesson, we do drama activities. We do these to help your children with confidence, and clarity of speech. Some students speak English very softly, and these activities are designed to make them speak louder and with confidence. These activities are also very good for creative thinking. It’s a lot of fun — but it is fun with a purpose.

All our instructors are native English speakers trained by ABA.

Why don’t you bring your child or children along for a trial lesson? It costs nothing, and we think he or she may enjoy it!

Please contact 092-639-5645