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Welcome to Andrew Biggs Academy, where we offer solutions for all your business English requirements.

ABA is able to either teach at your office or online — or a combination of both. On top of this, ABA has a library of more than 600 videos for your staff to access at any time. 

For 17 years we have answered the needs of companies ranging from local SMEs to international corporations. Our expertise lies in creating courses to improve the confidence of Thai staff, so that there is better communication between staff and their superiors or work colleagues. 

Any course we devise is tailor made — we find out exactly what your staff needs to know and learn, then create a curriculum for your approval. We add our own sessions in English pronunciation, such as work on specific English consonant sounds not found in the Thai language, plurals and past tense pronunciation. We do work on building up confidence and generating a more positive attitude towards the language via engaging and entertaining activities. Our classes are usually full of speaking, learning and laughing.

Our courses are for students of every ability level, from absolute beginners to advanced. For executive staff we have one-on-one tutoring by Andrew Biggs himself, catered directly to your language needs and held in the privacy of your office or via Zoom.

Besides these courses, we are experts in one-off seminars, workshops and English boot camps.

Andrew Biggs Academy is a language institute certified by the Thailand Ministry of Education. 

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