Biggs Story EP.218: พิพิธภัณฑ์อุจจาระ

“New poo museum opens” A new museum has opened up in England dedicated to poo. The National Poo Museum officially opened its doors on Saturday. Curator Daniel Roberts, couldn’t be happier with the turnout over the last couple of days. The museum features faeces from various wild and domesticated animals, such as lions, crocodiles and […]

Biggs Story EP.217: กอลิล่าติดมือถือ

“Gorilla is addicted to smart phones” Staff at a Chicago zoo are worried about a teenage gorilla who appears to have become hooked on visitors’ phones. Amare, a resident at Lincoln Park Zoo, shares an enclosure with three other “bachelor” apes. Amare is not interested in interacting with the other gorillas. Instead, he loves to […]