Biggs Story EP.220: ขายบ้านแถมสามี

“House for sale includes husband” A woman has offered to slash the price of the home she’s selling if the new buyer takes on her ex-husband to ensure he has somewhere to live post-split. Crystal Ball, 43, and her husband Richard Chaillou, 54, recently went their separate ways after a seven-year marriage. The pair are […]

Biggs Story EP.219: แต่งงานกับแมว!

“Woman marries cat” A British woman has married her cat to stop heartless landlords forcing her to give her up. Deborah Hodge, 49, says it’s difficult finding a landlord who will accept animals. So, she married her cat, 5-year-old India, to show just how important it is for her and her cat to stay together. […]