Biggs Story EP.279: รักเราไม่เก่าเลย 2 คุณทวด ฉลองชีวิตคู่ 80 ปี


“Couple celebrate 80th anniversary”

A Pennsylvania couple who both are 102 years old celebrated an even more rare milestone — their 80th wedding anniversary.

Robert and Edith Mae Schaum met in high school in 1936 and got married six years later.

And on December 26, they celebrated their 80th anniversary.

The couple say they have supported each other throughout their lives. “We hold each other up,” Edith Mae said.

“I guess the secret would be don’t go to bed mad,” Robert added.
Despite their long marriage, it isn’t the longest ever.

The Guinness World Record for longest marriage stands at 86 years, 290 days.

It was set by Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, whose marriage lasted until Herbert Fisher’s death in 2011.

anniversary = วันครบรอบ
milestone = เหตุการณ์สำคัญ
married = แต่งงานแล้ว
celebrate = ฉลอง
hold up = ช่วยเหลือกัน, ค้ำชู
secret = ความลับ
couple = คู่


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