Biggs Story EP.139: ชายหนุ่มถูกกลืนเข้าไปในปากวาฬ


Man swallowed by whale

A commercial lobster diver says he was swallowed whole by a whale off the Massachusetts coast Friday but made it out alive with only minor injuries.

Michael Packard, 56, of Massachusetts, was released hours later from a Cape Cod hospital following his scary encounter with a humpback whale.

He said he was 15 metres deep in the waters off Provincetown when the attack occurred.

“All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black,” Packard said. “

I could feel the whale squeezing with the muscles in his mouth. I was completely inside the whale; it was completely black. I thought to myself, ‘there’s no way I’m getting out of here. I’m done, I’m dead. All I could think of was my boys, they’re 12 and 15 years old.”

Packard said he thinks he was in the whale’s mouth for about 30 seconds. He said the whale spit him out and he escaped with bruises and no broken bones.


whale = วาฬ

humpback whale = วาฬหลังค่อม

diver = นักประดาน้ำ

lobster = กุ้งมังกร

commercial = เชิงพาณิชย์

swallow = กลืน

spit out = คายออก

encounter = เผชิญหน้า

squeeze = บีบ

bruise = ช้ำ


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่