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City attacked by ducks

City attacked by ducks

An American city is being overrun by ducks.

Officials in Louisiana said more than 60 ducks were relocated from a neighborhood after residents complained of the birds overrunning their properties and following pedestrians.

Residents of Summa Court said what was initially a small population of ducks gradually increased to more than 60 of the birds.

In the end the ducks became a nuisance.

“We can’t even open our blinds because the ducks will be there. If they hear a blind go up or the door jiggle, they’ll fly up,” local resident Jennifer Richardson said.

Neighbors said animal lovers who heard about the duck problem started visiting the area this week to adopt some of the flock.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said the state generally has a high duck population.


duck = เป็ด

attack = โจมตี

overrun = บุกรุก

nuisance = รำคาญ

neighborhood = ย่าน

resident = ผู้อยู่อาศัย

complain = บ่น

pedestrian = คนเดินเท้า


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