Biggs Story EP.145: งานวิจัยล่าสุด มนุษย์อาจมีอายุได้สูงสุด 130 ปี! 😁


We’re going to live to 130

Research suggests that there are people alive today who will live to be 130 years old.

A recent study analyzed supercentenarians, who are people at least 110 years old.

More people are joining this club, as overall life expectancies increase in the world.

Better nutrition, cleaner water, better sanitation and improvements in medicine are important factors.

The analysis worked out the projected maximum longevity by 2100. It showed a “strong likelihood” of at least one person living to anywhere between 125 and 132.

The oldest person alive today is 118-year-old Kane Tanaka, of Japan.

Globally, there are now nearly half a million over 100s and about 600 supercentenarians.


research = การวิจัย

suggest = แนะนำ

alive = มีชีวิตอยู่

supercentenarian = คนที่มีอายุอย่างน้อย 110 ปี

life expectancy = ช่วงอายุของชีวิต


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