Biggs Story EP.148: สุดผวา! งู 18 ตัวอยู่ใต้เตียง 🐍


Woman finds 18 snakes under her bed

A Georgia woman investigating what she thought to be a piece of cloth on her bedroom floor made a far more startling discovery – 18 snakes under her bed.

Trish Wilcher said she was in her bedroom in her family’s Augusta home when she spotted something on the floor.

“Before going to bed, I spotted what I thought was a piece of cloth on the floor, went to reach for it and it moved,” Wilcher said.

Wilcher and her husband, Max, soon discovered it was a baby snake — and there were 16 more babies underneath the bed, along with their mother.

“I may need a cardiologist after this,” she said.

Max Wilcher used a grabber tool to pick up each snake and placed them in a bag. The Wilchers released the snakes at a nearby creek.

The reptiles were non-venomous garter snakes.


snake = งู

reptile = สัตว์เลื้อยคลาน

venom = พิษ

venomous = มีพิษ

non-venomous = ไม่มีพิษ

bed = เตียง

investigate = สอบสวน

cloth = ผ้า

startling = ที่ทำให้ตกใจ

cardiologist = หมอหัวใจ

creek = ลำธาร


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