Biggs Story EP.156: ปรับพฤติกรรม! แก๊งนกแก้วพูดหยาบคาย! 🦜


“Rude parrots removed from zoo”

Five parrots have been removed from public view at a British zoo after they started swearing at customers.

The birds were split up after they swore at visitors and staff just days after being donated to Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

“They were all swearing,” the venue’s chief executive Steve Nichols said. “We were a little concerned about children.”

The African grey parrots — named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy — were given to the park from five different owners within the same week, and were quarantined together before being placed on display.

“Within a very short period of time, they starting swearing at each other,” Nichols said.


parrot = นกแก้ว

rude = หยาบคาย

swear = สบถ

zoo = สวนสัตว์

remove = เอาออก

quarantined = กักตัว

donate = บริจาค


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่