Biggs Story EP.162: น้ำใจพารวย! ซื้อชีสเบอร์เกอร์เลี้ยงเพื่อน ดันถูกหวยเงินล้าน 💰


“Man buys friend cheeseburger, wins a million bucks”

A man who wanted to thank his friend won one million dollars for his generosity.

The North Carolina man said his desire to buy a cheeseburger for a coworker led to his winning the jackpot.

Kevin Poole, of Franklinville, said his coworker, an electrician, bought him lunch the day before.
“I told him, ‘Since you bought mine yesterday, I’ll buy yours today.’”

Poole took the other man to a fast food restaurant and while waiting for his food, Poole bought a scratch-off lottery ticket.

It revealed he had won a million dollars.

“I’m overexcited now,” the winner said. “I’m building a house, and I’d like to buy more land. Now I can.”


dollar = ดอลลาร์

buck = ดอลลาร์ (ภาษาพูด)

generous = ใจกว้าง

generosity = ความเอื้ออาทร

coworker = เพื่อนร่วมงาน

win, won(V.2) = ชนะ

desire = ปรารถนา

electrician = ช่างไฟฟ้า

the day before = วันก่อน

scratch = ขูด

reveal = เปิดเผย


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่