Biggs Story EP.164: แสงอะไรเขียวๆ? 2 เครื่องบินแจ้งเห็น UFO 🛸


“2 planes spot UFO”

Two pilots reported seeing a mysterious green UFO vanish into clouds on the Atlantic coast of Canada last July 30.

According to a government report, both pilots witnessed a “bright green flying object” that “flew into a cloud, then disappeared.” The object did not affect the operations of either flight.

One of the aircrafts was a Canadian military plane. The other was a passenger flight, a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane flying from Boston to Amsterdam.

Steffan Watkins, an aviation and shipping researcher, said the military plane climbed 300 meters at the time of the sighting — possibly to avoid the object or get a closer look at it.

There’s a chance the UFO could have been a meteor streaking through the sky.


UFO (unidentified flying objects) = ยูเอฟโอ

disappear, vanish = หายไป

mystery = ความลึกลับ

mysterious = ลึกลับ

pilot = นักบิน

witness = พยาน

flight = เที่ยวบิน

passenger = ผู้โดยสาร

military = ทหาร


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