Biggs Story EP.168: สุดช็อก เจอนิ้วชี้ในแฮมเบอร์เกอร์ 🍔


“Woman finds human finger inside hamburger”

A horrified woman discovered a human finger inside a burger she was eating.

The unnamed Bolivian woman was halfway through her hamburger when she found the unexpected addition.

Pictures of the hamburger at a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, quickly went viral.

Police say the finger was from a worker who lost two fingers last Friday.

One of the workers at the meat grinding factory, which supplies burgers to 20 restaurants in the area, had lost two fingers while operating a cutting machine.

He was immediately taken to hospital but it appears at least one of his fingers was never recovered.

Bolivia’s Government has since opened an investigation into the incident.


finger = นิ้ว

human = มนุษย์

find = พบ

inside = ภายใน

horrified = น่าหวาดกลัว

discover = ค้นพบ

addition = ส่วนที่เพิ่มเข้าไป

unexpected = คาดไม่ถึง

grind = บด

factory = โรงงาน


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