Biggs Story EP.169: แต่งงานข้ามแดน ❤️


Couple marry across 2 countries

A New York couple whose wedding plans were interrupted by border closings from the COVID-19 pandemic held a ceremony at the U.S.-Canada border so the bride’s parents and grandmother could attend.

Karen Mahoney and Brian Ray said they were hoping the Canadian border would reopen in time for their wedding in September — but that wasn’t the case.

Mahoney said it was important to her that her parents and 96-year-old grandmother, who live in Canada, attend her wedding.

Police border control arranged for the couple to hold a wedding ceremony at a border crossing where Burke, N.Y., meets Quebec, Canada.

Everybody had to stay on their own side of the border and no objects being passed across the line, although they were allowed to hug.

“My grandmother was extremely excited,” the bride said. “I’ve seen her once in two years. So, it was very emotional; we both cried.”


marry = แต่งงาน

wedding = พิธีสมรส

ceremony = พิธี

border = ชายแดน

police border control = ตำรวจชายแดน

attend = เข้าร่วม

case = คดี

arrange = จัดการ


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