Biggs Story EP.172: มนุษย์ที่มีจมูกยาวที่สุดในโลก 🥳


The world’s longest nose is in Turkey

Mehmet Özyürek has the longest nose of any living person in the world — and it may get longer and longer.

The Turkish man has the world’s longest hooter at 8.8 cm.

Mehmet, 71, first won the title from Guinness World Records 11 years ago.

The company announced today Mehmet is still the winner in that category.

It also said that since noses never stop growing, he may break his own record in the future.

The longest recorded nose in history belonged to Englishman Thomas Wedders, who lived 300 years ago.

His snout was an incredible 19 cm.


nose, snout, hooter = จมูก

nostril = รูจมูก

longest = ยาวที่สุด

centimeter = เซนติเมตร

category = หมวดหมู่

announce = ประกาศ


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