Biggs Story EP.173: รวยเละ! “รูปปั้นสฟิงซ์” ประดับสวน ขายได้ 9 ล้านบาท! 🏜


Garden statues sell for 9 million baht

A pair of statues from a British garden has sold for nearly 9 million baht after they were discovered to be thousands of years old.

Mander Auctioneers said a couple moving out of their home in Sudbury, contacted the auction house to sell off the pair of sphinx statues that had spent 15 years in the couple’s garden.

The couple thought they were 18th-century replicas of Egyptian artifacts, but they fetched $265,510 because they’re thousands of years old.

The couple said the statues were purchased from another auction for a few hundred dollars.

At first the auction house expected them to sell for $410 to $680, but the auction started to skyrocket when prospective buyers suggested the statues could be actual Egyptian items dating thousands of years.

The statues sold to an international art gallery. The gallery owners’ examination of the statues determined they are indeed authentic Egyptian artifacts.


statue = รูปปั้น

pair = คู่

garden = สวน

auction = ประมูล

auctioneer = ผู้ประมูล

replica = แบบจำลอง

sphinx = สฟิงซ์

artifact = สิ่งประดิษฐ์


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