Biggs Story EP.179: ตั้งชื่อลูก 12 คน ด้วย 4 ตัวอักษร


12 children, 4 letters

A British woman is about to give birth to her 12th child, and she’s going to name it using the letters A, E, L and X.

That’s because she’s named every child with those four letters.

Eldest child Alex is 13, followed by Axel, 12, Xela, 11, Lexa, 10, Xael, nine, Xeal, eight, Exla, five, Leax, four, Xale, two, Elax, one, and six-month-old Alxe.

Gwenny Blanckaert, 32, said the tradition began when she and her husband Marino, 39, named eldest son Alex.

“The name of our second son was Axel and we realised that they were the same letters, so we decided to continue like this,” she said.

The four letters have 24 different name variations but Gwenny and Marino say they don’t plan using them all.

The mum explained: “Right from the start we had set the bar at twelve. The day that we sit around the table with twelve children, our family is complete.”


children = ลูก (มากกว่า 1 คน)

son = ลูกชาย

daughter = ลูกสาว

give birth = คลอดลูก

letter = ตัวอักษร

variation = รูปแบบต่างๆ


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