Biggs Story EP.183: กว่าจะเจอ! หนุ่มธนาคารฉกเงินหลายล้านหายตัวไป 52 ปี 💸


Police find bank robber … after 52 years

After more than 50 years, the man responsible for one of the most notorious bank robberies in Ohio history has been identified.

Theodore Conrad was only 20 years old when he robbed the Society National Bank in Cleveland in 1969.

Conrad worked as a teller at the bank, and on the day of the robbery he stashed $215,000 — or around $1.7 million in 2021 dollars — in a paper bag and walked out the door.

It wasn’t until earlier this month, 52 years later, that police discovered that a man named Thomas Randele was, in fact, Conrad.

Randele had lived in Lynnfield, Mass., until he died of lung cancer in May at the age of 71. He began a new life as a car salesman. He also got married and had a child.

Police said they made the discovery after matching paperwork that Conrad had filled out in the 1960s with documents that Randele had filled out later in life.


bank = ธนาคาร

robber = โจร

robbery = โจรกรรม

bank teller = พนักงานธนาคาร

discover = ค้นพบ

lung cancer = โรคมะเร็งปอด

car salesman = พนักงานขายรถ

notorious = ฉาวโฉ่

stash = ซ่อน


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