Biggs Story EP.188: เก่งมาก! อายุ 15 เรียนจบ ป.ตรี 🎓


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Boy, 15, graduates from university

A 15-year-old boy is set to become the youngest graduate in the history of the University of Nevada.

Jack Rico, 15, will graduate with a bachelor’s degree, and officials said the accomplishment will make him the youngest graduate in the history of the school.

It’s Rico’s fifth degree. He has finished four associate degrees in two years from California’s Fullerton College.

Rico said he decided to really concentrate on education after failing the third grade.

“No one child is the same, in that some kids thrive in a public school setting; others thrive in a homeschool setting, and I feel like it should be the kid’s choice,” Rico said.


graduate = จบการศึกษา

university = มหาวิทยาลัย

bachelor’s degree = ปริญญาตรี

accomplishment = ความสำเร็จ

associate degrees = อนุปริญญา

thrive = เจริญเติบโต

homeschool = เรียนที่บ้าน

choice = ทางเลือก

public school = โรงเรียนรัฐบาล

concentrate = ใส่ใจ


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่