Biggs Story EP.190: โจรขโมยสะพาน! 😲


“Thieves steal bridge”

Police in Ohio said they are on the hunt for an unusual piece of stolen property — an entire 20-metre-long pedestrian bridge.

Akron Police Department said the bridge was a pedestrian walkway along the Little Cuyahoga River, but was moved to an open field as part of a restoration project.

They recently discovered the $40,000 bridge had been stolen from its temporary home.

Investigators said they believe the bridge was disassembled and taken from the field piece by piece.

“It could be used for a variety of different things to include as simple as landscaping or they could use it for some other engineering project, or some other large scale project,” police said.


thief = ขโมย

thieves = ขโมย (หลายคน)

steal = ขโมย (กริยา)

bridge = สะพาน

pedestrian bridge = สะพานสำหรับคนเดิน

walkway = ทางเดิน

stolen = ถูกขโมย

temporary = ชั่วคราว

disassembled = ถอดประกอบ

piece by piece = ชิ้นต่อชิ้น

restoration = การซ่อมแซม


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่