Biggs Story EP.191: การมาถึงของจดหมายจาก 76 ปีที่แล้ว ✉️


Letter delivered after 76 years

A World War II soldier’s letter home was delivered to his widow in Massachusetts 76 years after it was mailed from Germany.

The U.S. Postal Service said John Gonsalves’ letter to his mother turned up in late December in a post office building, which started a search for the U.S. Army sergeant’s family.

Gonsalves’ mother, the intended recipient of the then-22-year-old’s letter, was found to be long dead, and Gonsalves died in 2015.

The USPS was able to find Angelina Gonsalves, the sergeant’s widow, living in Woburn, Mass.

“I love it. It’s wonderful. And I feel like I have him here with me,” Angelina Gonsalves said.


letter = จดหมาย

deliver = ส่งถึง

recipient = ผู้รับ

widow = แม่หม้าย

turn up = ปรากฏตัว

search = ค้นหา

mail (v) = ส่งจดหมาย

post office = ที่ทำการไปรษณีย์

sergeant = จ่า


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