Biggs Story EP.204: มาแล้วลูกจ๋า! ตุ๊กตาหมีที่เคยหายไป


Boy reunited with teddy bear”

A 5-year-old Texas boy who lost his teddy bear at a Wisconsin airport in 2021 was reunited with his beloved toy after the airport launched a social media campaign to find the stuffed animal’s owner.

David Burnett said his family was catching a flight home to Texas at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport when his son, Ezekiel, 5, tossed his teddy bear into the air, where it became stuck in some rafters.

Airport workers found the bear in January and a social media campaign was launched to find the teddy’s owner.

David Burnett said his wife saw one of the posts when a friend shared it on Facebook.

The airport flew Ezekiel and his dad to Milwaukee for a reunion with the teddy bear Tuesday morning.

“I’m so happy,” Ezekiel said.


teddy bear = ตุ๊กตาหมีเท็ดดี้

stuff = ยัดไส้

reunite = รวมตัว

toy = ขอเล่น

beloved = ที่รัก

campaign = รณรงค์

rafter = คาน, ขื่อ

toss = โยน


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่