Biggs Story EP.207: ฝ่าไฟแดงเพราะปูติน


Man blames Putin for speeding

A man caught speeding in Florida told police that he was driving so fast because he was worried about Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats.

The unnamed driver was caught driving at 80 km per hour in his Dodge Challenger in a 50 km zone.

He also ran a red light.

He told cops: “I just found out that Putin said he’s gonna launch nuclear war against the world, and I was trying to get back to my house to find out what’s going on.”

He added: “I’m freaking out. It’s the truth.”

Despite his fears, he was still charged with breaking the speed limit and running a red light.


speeding = เร่งความเร็ว

80 km per hour  = 80 กม. ต่อชั่วโมง

run a red light = วิ่งฝ่าไฟแดง

threats = ภัยคุกคาม

freaking out = กำลังจะบ้า

charge = ตั้งข้อหา

breaking the speed limit = ความเร็วเกินขีดจำกัด


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