Biggs Story EP.211: สายด่วนความสุข โดยเด็กๆ


Kids set up happiness hotline”

A fifth-grade class in Indiana is aiming to spread a little happiness with a special hotline meant to cheer you up.

Cheryl Can Laeken, who teaches fifth grade at Milford School, said: “The world is really chaotic, it’s kind of dark.”

“I teach my kids to be positive and do good things for other people and this just seems like a really easy way to get my kids thinking about others.”

The phone line offers five different options in English and Spanish, including jokes, advice and inspirational quotes.

There’s also a feature for callers who simply want to get a taste of fifth-grade education.

“The pupils read some random facts that fifth-graders should know,” the teacher said.


happiness = ความสุข

hotline = สายด่วน

set up = จัดตั้ง

grade = ระดับ

cheer up = เป็นกำลังใจให้

chaotic = วุ่นวาย

pupil = นักเรียน

aiming = ตั้งเป้าหมาย

positive = เชิงบวก


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