Biggs Story EP.221: 4 ขวบ แอบซิ่งรถแม่ออกจากบ้าน


“4-year-old goes for joyride”

Police are warning parents to keep their car keys away from their children, after a 4-year-old boy helped himself to his mother’s car keys and took her car for a joyride.

The unnamed four-year-old managed to unlock the vehicle, get inside, then take it for a spin – all while wearing his pyjamas.

Unfortunately, he crashed into two parked cars.

Alarmed, he then left the vehicle and walked off in his bare feet, where he was later spotted by a concerned passerby who called the police.

Police say when the child’s father went to work, the child woke up and grabbed the car keys to go for a drive.

Police are calling the four-year-old the ‘new Max Verstappen’ after the Dutch Formula One driver.


car keys = กุญแจรถ

joyride = ขับรถเล่น

vehicle = ยานพาหนะ

pyjamas = ชุดนอน

crash = ชน

parked cars = รถที่จอดอยู่

alarmed = ตื่นตระหนก

bare = เปลือยเปล่า


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่