Biggs Story Ep.226: อยากแต่งงานกับเครื่องบินจำลอง


Woman loves airplane

A German woman says she’s in love and wants to get married, but the laws in her country say she cannot.

That’s because she’s in love with an airplane.

Sarah Rodo, 23,  claims she is attracted to objects, referring to her favourite model plane as her boyfriend.

The aviation lover has attempted relationships with people in the past, but says she keeps coming back to her airplane.

She has two tattoos of the aircraft on her arms.

Ms Rodo hopes to marry her Boeing 737 model whom she calls “Dicki”.

But she says the ceremony would not be legal in Germany.

 “I love everything about Dicki, but particularly his face, wings and engine – they’re so sexy to me,” she said.



airplane = เครื่องบิน

model = หุ่นจำลอง

object = สิ่งของ

attract to = ทำให้สนใจ

aviation = การบิน

engine = เครื่องยนต์

claim = เรียกร้อง

refer = อ้างอิง

aircraft = อากาศยาน

particularly = โดยเฉพาะ


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