Biggs Story EP.228: แข็งแกร่ง! ยก 130 กก. ด้วยนิ้วเดียว


“Man lifts 130 kg with one finger”

A British weight lifter broke a decade-old Guinness World Record by lifting 130 kg with a single finger.

Steve Keeler, 48, used only his middle finger to lift the six iron weight discs in Ashford, Kent.

Keeler broke the record of 122 kg set by Armenian Benik Israyelyan in 2012.

Keeler said he started strength training about four years ago.

He dedicated his record to the memory of his stepfather.

“He was into his strength training, and this record would be in honor of all he taught me. He’d be so happy,” Keeler said.


lift = ยก

weight = น้ำหนัก

weight lifter = นักยกน้ำหนัก

break = ทำลาย

finger = นิ้ว

middle finger = นิ้วกลาง

weight discs = แผ่นน้ำหนัก

decade = ทศวรรษ

strength = ความแข็งแกร่ง

dedicate = อุทิศ

stepfather = พ่อเลี้ยง


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