Biggs Story EP.230: เกินปุยมุ้ย! วิดพื้นต่อเนื่อง 3,182 ครั้ง!


“Australian man does 3,182 push-ups”

How many push-ups can you do?

Daniel Scali can do more than 3,000 … and he can perform them in a time under one hour.

Scali is an Australian athlete and he broke the Guiness World Record by performing 3,182 push-ups in an hour.

That’s about 53 per minute, or just under one per second.

Guiness said Scali performed more than 100 push-ups more than previous record holder Jarrad Young, who completed 3,054 push-ups in one hour in 2021.

It’s the second time Scali has entered the Guinness Book of Records. The first time was for the longest continuous planking — 8 hours, 15 minutes, 15 seconds.


push-up = วิดพื้น

perform = กระทำ

athlete = นักกีฬา

break a record = ทำลายสถิติ previous = ก่อนหน้า holder = ผู้ครอบครอง


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