Biggs Story EP.231: หนังสือเก่าจาก 48 ปีที่แล้ว คืนสู่ห้องสมุด!


“Library book comes back after 48 years”

A British library said a package that arrived recently from Canada turned out to contain a book that had been due back more than 48 years earlier.

Tooting Library in London recently received a package mailed from Canada that contained a copy of A Confederate General from Big Sur by Richard Brautigan.

The book had been borrowed in 1974, and was overdue by approximately 48 years and 107 days.

The library posted photos of the book on Twitter in the hopes of identifying the borrower. He came forward and identified himself as Tony Spence, 72, a retired judge living in British Columbia.

Library officials said the book would have accumulated about $7,618 in late fees if fines weren’t capped at $10.50. Officials said they decided to waive the fee.


library = ห้องสมุด

package = บรรจุภัณฑ์

due date = วันครบกำหนด

overdue = เกินกำหนด

come forward = ออกตัว, เสนอตัว

judge = ผู้พิพากษา

retire = เกษียณ

accumulate = สะสม

waive the fee = ยกเว้นค่าธรรมเนียม

approximately = ประมาณ


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