Biggs Story EP.236: เงินเดือนเข้า 6 ล้าน!


“Worker disappears after being paid 300 times his regular salary”

A computer payroll error accidentally paid a worker 300 times his regular salary — and now the worker has gone missing.

The worker, a dispatch assistant at a food factory in Chile, received a paycheck of more than 165 million Chilean pesos, or about 6.5 million baht, for the month of May.

He was only supposed to be paid about 500,000 Chilean pesos, or 30,000 Thai baht.

The worker initially told his manager, who then contacted the human resources department.

HR asked the worker to go to his bank and return the extra money. The worker agreed to go to the bank the next day, but kept the money and ignored communications from his employer over the next few days.

The man then offered his resignation through a letter sent to the company by his attorney. The worker has not been heard from since.


salary = เงินเดือน

times = ครั้ง

regular = ปกติ

error = ข้อผิดพลาด

payroll = บัญชีเงินเดือน

accidentally = บังเอิญ

gone missing = หายไป

dispatch = ส่ง

initially = เริ่มแรก

department = แผนก

ignore = ไม่สนใจ

employer = นายจ้าง


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