Biggs Story EP.237: ผู้ชายมีรังไข่!


“Man finds out he’s a woman”

A Chinese man who went to the doctors with a stomach ache was shocked to discover he had ovaries and a uterus.

Chen Li was initally told he had appendicitis when he complained about pain in his abdomen.

But it turned out the 33-year-old was born with male genital organs, but had female sex chromosomes.

Chen was distressed by the discovery after spending his whole life identifying as a man, and underwent a three-hour surgery last month to have the female reproductive organs removed.

The surgeon who carried out the operation said the patient “was quickly at ease.” and his confidence was restored.

“From this point on, he can live his life as a man,” he said.


appendicitis = ไส้ติ่งอักเสบ

abdomen = หน้าท้อง

stomach ache = ปวดท้อง

ovaries = รังไข่

uterus = มดลูก

male genital organs = อวัยวะเพศชาย

surgery = การผ่าตัด


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