Biggs Story EP.242: สุดสยอง! พบ “หัวงู” ในอาหารบนเครื่องบิน


“Snake’s head found in meal on budget airline flight”

An airline passenger got the fright of their life when they discovered a severed snake head in their in-flight meal.

It happened on a Thursday SunExpress flight from Ankara in Turkey to Dusseldorf in Germany.

SunExpress said the allegations are “absolutely unacceptable” and an investigation has started. Sancak Inflight Services provide in-flight meals for the airline.

They said the snake head must have been added to the meal after they prepared it.

‘SunExpress Airlines is a valuable client and a popular airline in Europe,’ they said in a statement.


snake = งู

meal = มื้ออาหาร

flight = เที่ยวบิน

budget = ประหยัด

passenger = ผู้โดยสาร s

sever = ตัด

allegation = ข้อกล่าวหา

unacceptable = รับไม่ได้


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