Biggs Story EP.245: น้องหมูแดนซ์!


“Pigs dance to music”

A Belgian farmer has caught the attention of scientists after saying his pigs love to dance to music.

Piet Paesmans said he first noticed his pigs’ love of music when his son was singing in their barn.

The pigs wiggled their tails and some appeared to dance. He has now created a playlist for his pigs.

He says dance music is the most popular, but not rock music which may be a little too strong for them.

His claims have been picked up by a team of scientists who are hoping to investigate the effect music has on the pigs.

Researcher Sander Palmans says there is evidence that music has an affect on animals, though there isn’t much research on pigs yet.

Sander believes that their positive reaction to music could benefit the meat industry, saying that a less stressed pig might produce better quality meat.


pig = หมู

boar = หมูตัวผู้

sow = หมูตัวเมีย

piglet = ลูกหมู

swine = สุกร

wiggle = กระดิก

tail = หาง

scientist = นักวิทยาศาสตร์

investigate = สอบสวน

research = การวิจัย


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