Biggs Story EP.248: ผมยาว 33 เมตร!


“Woman has 33m long hair”

The Florida woman who holds the Guinness World Record for longest locks said her hair has now reached a length of more than 33 metres.

Asha Mandela, 60, was first awarded the prize in 2009, when her locks were measured at 6 metres, and the record-holder said her hair has now reached a length of 33 metres.

Mandela said she first started growing her locks when she moved to the United States from Trinidad and Tobago more than 40 years ago.

Mandela said she usually carries her hair around in a cloth sling to prevent her locks from dragging on the ground or straining her neck.

“When I’m ready to go to sleep, I tie up my hair in a little sack and we cuddle and talk to each other,” she said.

Mandela’s husband, Emmanuel Chege, a professional hair stylist from Nairobi, Kenya, spends hours each week on maintaining Mandela’s hair.

Chege washes Mandela’s hair once a week, an occasion that calls for up to six bottles of shampoo and ends with a two-day process of drying.

Mandela said she plans to continue growing her locks. “I will never feel that there’s a time I would want to cut my hair. It’s never going to happen,” she said.


hair, locks = ผม

measure = วัด

grow = ปลูก

sling = ผ้าคล้องสำหรับแขวน

drag = ลาก

shampoo = ยาสระผม

dry = แห้ง

strain = ขึงตึง


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