Biggs Story EP.250: ร้านนี้ไม่ต้อนรับมังสวิรัติ


“Restaurant says ‘no’ to vegans”

One is 182 cm tall. The other is 96 cm.

A married couple from Utah earned a Guinness World Records title for their 84 cm height difference.

Christie Chandler, who is 182 cm, and Senecca Corsetti, who is 96 cm, became the first Guinness World Record holders for greatest height difference of a married couple.

The same-sex pair, who met while teaching at the same school and were married in June 2021, said they had joked about having a world-record height difference, but were surprised when it turned out to be true.

The spouses said their height difference has more advantages than disadvantages. “We joke that I clean the lowest and she cleans the highest,” Corsetti said.

The couple said they hope their Guinness World Record will encourage others to embrace diversity.


tall (adj.) = สูง

height (n.) = ความสูง

difference (n.) = ความแตกต่าง

married couple = คู่สมรส

pair (n.) = คู่

same-sex pair = คู่รักเพศเดียวกัน

spouse = คู่สมรส

embrace = โอบกอด, ยอมรับ

diversity = ความหลากหลาย


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