Biggs Story EP.251: งูโผล่ในห้องเรียน!


“Python comes to class”

Students at an Australian school were surprised to see a giant python lazing on their classroom window.

An Australian snake catcher was called to the Queensland school to remove the carpet python.

The snake catcher, Stuart McKenzie, posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when he was called out to a local school Friday.

“A rather healthy carpet python was hanging out in the windows of the main hallway,” McKenzie wrote. “A few of the teachers and students didn’t feel comfortable with it being there, so we relocated it.”

McKenzie said the snake “didn’t come out easily” and he ended up cutting through a screen to reach the python.

Carpet pythons are native to Australia. They are not poisonous, but kill small animals by constricting them.


snake = งู

python = งูหลาม

giant = ยักษ์

laze = เกียจคร้าน

snake catcher = คนจับงู

poisonous = เป็นพิษ

constrict = รัด


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่