Biggs Story EP.254: พ่อหนุ่มสายล่อฟ้า นั่งเล่มเกมในบ้าน ก็โดนฟ้าผ่า


“Man struck by lightning while on Playstation”

A man has been left with scars on his arm when he was hit by a bolt of lightning as he sat on his couch.

Aidan Rowan, 33, was using his PlayStation when he heard a loud crack at about 10.30 pm last Monday.

He immediately keeled over at his home in Oxfordshire so his husband, Aaron, 32, took him to hospital.

Aidan was kept under supervision for several hours before being discharged with some pain medication.

In a stroke of coincidence, he was playing Stray at the time – a game where you control a lost cat during a thunderstorm.

Thankfully Aiden was left with only a series of scars on his left arm and a burn on his right hand following the incident.

He said doctors believed the lightning ‘bounced off the water and through the window” after hot weather had made the ground hard causing rainwater to sit on top.


lightning = ฟ้าผ่า

struck by lightning = โดนฟ้าผ่า

bolt = สายฟ้า

crack = เสียงแตกร้าว

couch = โซฟา

bounce = เด้ง

scar = แผลเป็น

keeled over = หมดสติ

discharge = ปล่อย

thunderstorm = พายุฝนฟ้าคะนอง


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่