Biggs Story EP.255: ปีนตึกจึงถูกจับ


“Climber arrested”

A climber was arrested after scaling a 310-metre tall skyscraper in London known as The Shard early Sunday.

Video shows the climber climbing up the 95-story building just after 5:30 a.m. near London Bridge Station.

Police said three arrests have been made.

A 21-year-old man was arrested on a charge of trespass while two other men were both arrested for causing a public nuisance.

Adam Lockwood, a notorious 21-year-old free climber, posted a photo on Facebook that shows himself standing at the top of the skyscraper overlooking the city.

Trains were also delayed due to the incident.


climb, scale = ปีน

climber = นักปีนเขา

arrested = ถูกจับ

building = ตึก

skyscraper = ตึกระฟ้า

metre = เมตร

notorious = ฉาวโฉ่

trespass = บุกรุก

nuisance = ความรำคาญ


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