Biggs Story EP.257: 2 พี่น้องโชคดี แยกกันถูกหวยรับเป็นล้าน!


“2 brothers separately win lottery”

A Virginia man was a little envious when his younger brother won a million dollars in the lottery three years ago.

But now he has discovered that luck runs in the family. He has just won a $3 million lottery jackpot!

Danny Mudd said he bought a scratch-off ticket from a grocery store and couldn’t believe it when he saw he had won the $3 million prize.

Mudd said his win was made all the more unbelievable by the fact that his brother, Terry, won a $1 million prize from a scratch-off ticket in 2019.

The winner said he is still mulling over plans for his windfall.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said. “I’m just smiling!”


envious = อิจฉานิดๆ

scratch = ขูด

grocery store = ร้านขายของชำ

windfall = โชคลาภ

mulling = ครุ่นคิด

unbelievable = เหลือเชื่อ

prize = รางวัล

sunk = จม


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