Biggs Story EP.265: ใส่ชุดมาสคอตแอบมาขึ้นเงินพันล้าน!


“He’s not telling anybody”

A man who won more than a billion baht in the lottery says he’s not telling anybody about it — even his own family.

The Chinese man won 171 million yuan, or about 1.1 billion Thai baht.

He accepted his massive cheque in a bright yellow costume with oversized eyes and a big head.

“I’m really happy I won, but I don’t want my family to know about this since they might become too arrogant and complacent in the future,” he said.

The man, identified only as Li, wore the costume to face the media in Nanning City, Guangxi province, and claim his prize.

He said: ‘I only won a few dozen yuan in the past. I regard buying the lottery as a hobby, and my family does not care. The lottery provides a ray of hope for me.’

The lottery winner added that he is still thinking carefully about how to spend the windfall, but has donated five million yuan (26 million baht) to charity.


billion = พันล้าน

costume = ชุดแต่งกาย

bright yellow = สีเหลืองสดใส

oversized eyes = ตาโต

arrogant = หยิ่ง

complacent = พึงพอใจ (จนไม่อยากทำอะไร)

ray of hope = ความหวังเล็กๆน้อยๆ


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