Biggs Story EP.269: รองเท้าแตะ “สตีฟ จ็อบส์” ราคาเกือบ 8 ล้านบาท


“Steve Jobs’ sandals go for 7.8m baht”

A miracle baby born at 11:11am on November 11 in 2011 celebrated his 11th birthday yesterday.

Daniel Saunders, from England, has been closely tied to the number 11 since he was born, and yesterday he got to mark the special birthday, with 11 presents.

Daniel was due to be born on November 17 in 2011, but his mother Charlotte was told her son was in an awkward position.

Doctors had tried to move him but couldn’t, so they booked in a C-section on November 11.

Daniel’s birth was then delayed on the day because he was positioned under Charlotte’s ribs, so the doctors took longer than expected to get him out.

“It’s amazing that he was born with all those 11s. It’s been my lucky number since I was a young child,” said Charlotte.


miracle = มหัศจรรย์

celebrate = ฉลอง

awkward = ไม่ปกติ

position = ตำแหน่ง

doctor = หมอ

birth = การเกิด

rib = ซี่โครง

cesarean = การผ่าคลอด


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