Biggs Story EP.276: หมออึ้ง! พบสายชาร์จในท้อง


“1-metre charge cable found in boy’s stomach”

A 15-year-old boy complained of stomach pains and nausea. When he went to hospital, doctors were surprised to find a one-metre-long computer charging cable in the boy’s stomach.

The incident occurred in the city of Siyarbakir in Turkey.

Doctors said they had a hard time removing the cable, as one end had passed into the small intestine.

When it came out, the team was astonished at how long it was, with the cable reaching one metre in length when stretched out.

The boy was sent home in good health. How the charging cable ended up in the boy’s stomach remained unclear.



stomach pain = ปวดท้อง

nausea = คลื่นไส้

complain = บ่น

charging cable = สายชาร์จ

remove = เอาออก

small intestine = ลำไส้เล็ก

astonished = ประหลาดใจ


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