BBiggs Story EP.278: ตำรวจบุกช่วยหญิงสาว สุดท้ายเธอคือหุ่น!


“Police rescue mannequin”

Police broke down the doors of a London art gallery to save a woman slumped unconscious over a table — only to discover she was made of packing tape and foam filler.

The lifeless woman they had been trying to save was in fact an art piece entitled ‘Kristina’ which is on display at the London gallery.

A staff member who was working in the gallery that day had just locked up and gone upstairs to make a cup of tea.

She came down to find the door off its hinges and two confused police officers.

London Police were responding to a call about a “person in distress” at the gallery on the evening of 25 November.

“Officers forced entry to the address, where they uncovered that the person was in fact a mannequin,” a police spokesperson said.


mannequin = หุ่นโชว์เสื้อ
break down = พัง
slump = ทรุดตัวลง
unconscious = หมดสติ
lifeless = สิ้นชีวิต
hinge = บานพับ


แอนดรูว์ บิ๊กส์ อะคาเดมี่