Biggs Story EP.280: ขาดทุนยับ! เสื้อ “อังกฤษ แชมป์โลก 2022” ค้างสต็อกเพียบ!


“Whoops — wrong winners”

A British businessman was so sure England would win the World Cup, he made 18,000 t-shirts showing England as the winner.

Unfortunately, England lost.

Sprawled across the back of the shirts are the slogans ‘England, Cup Winners 2022, It’s Finally Home’ and ‘The Day It Came Home’.

England lost 2-1 to France in their quarter-final match. The man who made the shirts, Karl Baxter, 46, is managing director of a clothing chain.

In a message to customers on the website, Mr Baxter wrote: “We have reduced the price of these unique items. So wear it with pride, add it to your collection, use it to clean the windows … we don’t know.”

AdvertisementThe father-of-three added that while the cost of making the shirts wasn’t too expensive, and he has already sold a few, there are still “some more to get rid of”.

The shirts were meant to sell for £29.99 (1,255 baht), but are now being sold for £9.99 (420 baht).


win = ชนะ

lose = แพ้

quarter-final match = การแข่งขันรอบรองชนะเลิศ

t-shirt = เสื้อยืด

sell = ขาย

mean = ตั้งใจ

being sold = กำลังขาย


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