Biggs Story EP.283: กระเป๋าเดินทางหายไป 4 ปี เพิ่งได้คืน!


“Lost bag turns up 4 years later”

An Oregon woman who lost her suitcase on a flight home from Chicago said it finally turned up four years later.

April Gavin said her luggage was lost on an American Airlines flight in August 2018.

After several months of searching, the airline told her the bag was lost and they compensated her.

Gavin said she was shocked to receive a phone call this week informing her that her suitcase had turned up at an airport in Houston.

She said she was further surprised to be told it had arrived on a flight from Honduras in Central America.

Gavin said the bag was slightly damaged and worn, but its contents were intact.


lost = สูญหาย

bag = กระเป๋า

suitcase, luggage = กระเป๋าเดินทาง

compensate = ชดเชย

flight = เที่ยวบิน

shocked = ตกใจ

inform = แจ้ง, บอก

slightly damaged = เสียหายเล็กน้อย

contents = ของที่อยู่ภายใน

intact = ไม่บุบสลาย


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