Biggs Story EP.284: สุนัขทรงอย่างแบด ไม่แซดแต่ฉลาด


“Bad dogs are smartest, says research”

Are you having trouble with your dog behaving badly? It could be because he’s really intelligent.

Badly behaved dogs are often the smartest, according to new research from Finland.

Katriina Tiira, from the University of Helsinki, assessed about 5,000 dogs for logical reasoning and problem solving and found a surprising pattern.

“Intelligent dogs are not nicer pets,” she said. “Many people come to the test and say, ‘I have huge problems in my daily life with this dog’ — and often the dog is at the high end of the cognitive results.”

Border collies were found to be the smartest dogs, while Labrador retrievers scored near the bottom. The survey found Labradors may be lovable, loyal and friendly, but they weren’t very clever.


dog = สุนัข

intelligent, smart, clever = ฉลาด

behave = ประพฤติ

problem solving = การแก้ปัญหา

logical reasoning = เหตุผลเชิงตรรกะ

lovable = น่ารัก

loyal = จงรักภักดี

friendly = เป็นมิตร

assess = ประเมิน

cognitive = ความรู้ความเข้าใจ


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