Biggs Story EP.294: “ไอโฟนรุ่นแรก” ประมูลขายได้ 2.2 ล้านบาท


“Original iPhone sells for 2.2 million baht”

An American woman has just sold her iPhone for more than 100 times its original cost.

That’s because it was an iPhone from 2007 that hadn’t been unpacked from its box.

Karen Green said when she got a new job in that year, some of her friends pitched in to buy her a brand-new iPhone.

But Karen already had a phone and she didn’t want to stop using it, so she put the iPhone in a drawer — and forgot about it.

This week she put the phone up for auction online — and somebody bought it for nearly $64,000 or 2.2 million baht.

LCG Auctions founder Mark Montero said that because original iPhones were expensive ($599 for an 8 GB model) and their future impact not yet known, all were opened and used as intended.

“To discover an original first release model from 2007 still brand new with its factory seal intact is truly remarkable,” he said.


original = ต้นฉบับ, แรกเริ่ม

unpacked = แกะกล่อง

drawer = ลิ้นชัก

auction = ประมูล

brand-new = ใหม่เอี่ยม

pitch in = ร่วมกัน

intend = ตั้งใจ

intact = ไม่บุบสลาย, ใหม่เอี่ยม

remarkable = โดดเด่น, พิเศษ


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