Biggs Story EP.297: “ฉลอง ภักดีวิจิตร” ผู้กำกับละครอายุมากที่สุดในโลก


“Thai is world’s oldest director”

A 91-year-old Thai man was dubbed the world’s oldest TV director by Guinness World after completing his most recent TV series.

Chalong Pakdeevijit, a film and TV director known as the “King of Action” in Thailand, became the world’s oldest TV director when his 18-episode miniseries, Skyraider, completed airing last year, Guinness World Records announced.

Pakdeevijit, born March 18, 1931, began his film career as a cameraman in 1950, and directed his first movie, Jao Insee, in 1968.

The director gained prominence in the 1970s with his Thong series of action films.

Pakdeevijit is currently working on his next TV miniseries, titled Kan Song Pandin.


director = ผู้กำกับ

oldest = อายุมากที่สุด

TV series = ละครทีวี

episode = ตอน

cameraman = ตากล้อง

gained prominence = ได้รับความนิยม

career = อาชีพ

currently = ตอนนี้


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